On January 29, 2021, A&M-SA kicked off their African American History Month with a panel discussion featuring the Living in my Skin Art Exhibit by Lionel Sosa.

The panel features Lionel Sosa, executive producers Brandon Logan and Seymour Battle, as well as two members of our campus community: Dr. Ernest Thomas, Special Education lecturer in the Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation, and student Michael Johnson, a member of our first freshman class in 2016 who went on to earn his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business from our Institution. As a gift to the University, Sosa has painted portraits of Dr. Thomas and Michael Johnson, which we will proudly exhibit on campus.

The series highlights the reality of what it is like living as a Black man or boy in San Antonio today.

Watch Here


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Brian Grandison

Mr. Clarence Williams, I’m sure you are receiving many calls and complimentary messages on the ‘Living in My Skin’ documentary that aired last night. Mr. Sosa and the producers brilliantly captured each story in such a compelling way, and this masterpiece needs to be heard by everyone around the world. The experiences shared were heartfelt and genuine. I felt proud to be a black man in this world and am even more inspired to seek greatness while being comfortable with who I am.

I will continue to work hard to break down the barriers that stand before me, unfairly keeping me from what I believe I truly deserve, that we as a race deserves. My confidence is high, and people like you help me realize that anything is possible and obtainable through hard work, commitment, dedication, and grit. I aim to teach my son these same valuable lessons.

I want to thank you again for the inspiration you have been in my life! You are truly one special person!

Brian Grandison